Top Follow Login Problem & Limits Behaviour Solutions (2024)

Top follow login problem is a known bug among topfollow app users. And you may face this error while you are busy trying to collect coins and trying to achieve your total coins target.

This post is articulated to steer you out of this top follow login problem. So do check this article in detail and book mark it. We are here to give you tips and tricks to help you out. If you want to have a smooth experience of TopFollow App you can take our help by visiting our contact us page or through our social media handles . We are here to figure out your problems and give you solutions.

Top follow login problem

Why Does the Top Follow App Not Work?

Are you facing difficulty logging into the Topfollow app? It is very common in old versions of this app. If you want to fix this problem just update the new version on  android , iOS or PC. If your problem does not solve then there are few more things that you can try to fix your problem. You can also uninstall and then reinstall the app to improve your experience.

Top Follow Re Login Problem Solution 100% Fix

Here you will get the permanent solution to your problem. People usually don’t tell the exact solutions, which is really frustrating. But here you will get a long lasting and permanent solution to finish your problem. Just a quick note that if you wanna so through similar blog pages don’t forget to see our blogs which are updated frequently. Please continue reading below steps to solve relogin prompts in top follow app.

Step 1

 First of all open Top follow App and click on the task option to to reset settings

Step 2: 

Now if you are going through the login problem before collecting 100 coins, you should reset your settings.

Set the (Delay between the task in seconds) from 12 to 14. Select and mark ( Auto Relogin).(Auto start after Relogin limits), (Cycle relogin accounts), Allow re-login screen pop-up when the app is in the background. Allow re-login pop-up when the app is in the background. Then (limited tasks count to do) options.Now select and set the Max Followers and Likes to 10,000 and press on  “Save” option.

 Step 3:

 Now next step is you will go on phone setting>Apps>Top Follow >storage

Step 4

Just clear the data and cache if it has reached 1 GB or 1 MB. Next go on Top Follow app and login again

Step 5:

If you have gained 100+ coins and the issue remains the same then go to the (Task) option for more settings. These are following steps 

  •  Set (Delay between tasks in seconds) from 14 to16.
  • Mark (Auto Relogin) Auto starts after Relogin limits
  • When the app is in the background, allow re-login pop-up,then (Limited tasks count to do).
  • Next set the MAX followers and likes to 20,000
  • Last (save option)

Step 6:

Do not go towards the temporary measures. Let’s talk about the permanent solution.The best VPN which gives durable solutions. For doing it first go to the play store then search (VPN TP). Next select Windscribe VPN.

Step 7

Now open the Windscribe VPN application and click on the get started option.after doing this step just signup.

Step 8

Now select Romania or the United states. Then open and use your best Top Follow app for collecting unlimited coins.

How To Instantly Solve Top Follow Login Limit Problem?

Problem. Pop-ups are really annoying when you are trying to get coins.To avoid such frustration you must have periodic breaks. These are effective solutions for the Top Follow limit.

Step 1:You need to go on device settings and search date and time at the search bar.

 Step 2 Now just disable the (Automatic date and time).

Step 3 Increase time and date by one hour each day.

Step 4 Select the time format which should be 24 hours.

Top follow Login Problem Fix Video


So next time if you face the Top Follow login problem don’t forget to consult this page. We have tried to help you to use this app without any difficulties. If you want to know more about Top follow apk you can check our home page. We also have a dedicated page for top follow old versions so do check that if you are an old user. If you are interested in top follow old version then don’t forget to go through that also. With that you get the previledge to use top follower app even if you have low specs mobile.

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