Top Follow iOS Download Latest version 2024 for iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch

App NameTopFollow Apk
Category Social platform
App DeveloperNechaiev Yurii
Last UpdateToday
Size16 MB
IOS Requirements
IOS 13 or Later
Top follow ios App version

Top follow ios is designed for iphone users and is the best app to increase your instagram followers and coins quickly and easily. The Topfollow ios version gives same benefits as the android and pc versions do. Mostly ios apps are not free so getting a great app like this on ios platform is a great bonus. There is no great difference in terms of functionality for top follow app on android, ios or pc but on ios there is a slight degradation of speed but is negligable and still it is a best fit for ios users also.

How to download and install top follow IOS app on your device ?

To download the app just follow these steps.

  • Just download the app by clicking on above download button.
  • Once downloaded just click on the ‘get’ button to install it on your ios device.
  • Once installed use your actual Instagram account credentials to use the app.

Installation Requirements

There are just some basic requirements like one should have like a basic version of IOS operating system running on an Iphone or Ipad will do. Also you have to be mindful about the fact that there should be adequate space available on your device before you install this app.

IphoneAtleast 12.4 version of IOS
IpodIOS 12.4 Atleast
Ipod TouchIOS 12.4 or Latest
Mac LaptopMac 11.0 operating system and atleast
macOS with Apple M1 chip or the latest chipset

Core Features

Coin Based App

It is a coin based application where you win a bulk amount of coins which could be used to boost your instagram followers.

Followers / Likes with Coins

Won coins could be used to buy real followers and likes on your main instagram profile.

Daily Tasks Win Coins

Daily users are loaded with trivial tasks which they perform to increase their total number of coins.

Referral Codes

Promo codes could be added to give a boost to your total number of coins.

Simple Clean UI

The user interface is so simple and user friendly and there are just few buttons and extremely easy for a newbie to use this app.

Small Sized

The entire app size is 16mb which makes the app lightning fast and improves the user experience.

Ads Free

There are no ads in the app so you can enjoy a distraction free user interface.


Top follow also has a telegram channel so do subscribe and stay updated.

Uni-Language App

English being the only language to operate this should be sufficient for most of the users.

Pros and Cons


  • Top follow app a simple user interface.
  • It is lightweight so no extra burden on your device.
  • This app helps you win real Instagram followers so it’s trustworthy aswell.
  • App is engaging as it will give you tasks on daily basis and on win you’ll get coins.
  • This app also gives you unlimited coupon or promo codes which could be used win unlimited number of coins on ios devices like iphone and ipad etc.
  • It is free unlike other ios apps.


  • You may face some login problems on occasions but they are minimal and could be fixed by restarting the app and by clearing its cache.
  • The IOS version of the app can be slightly slow as compared to the android apk version but again that factor is really negligable as the speed is slightly slow but still fast enough for you to use on ios device.
  • You can face some compatibility issues if you try use the older versions of this app on new ios devices like iphone or ipad etc.

Other Platforms

If you are an android user or a windows user please click any of the below 2 buttons to download apk or window specific version of Top follow app.

Final Thoughts

I hope after going through this page if you are an IOS user you don’t have to worry about your platform support like for instance you think this app is only for android users. We have got you covered and you can download the Top Follow IOS app easily on your IOS device by follow the steps explained above. In this article we have shared complete steps to download top follow app on your IOS with ease. There is also a video shared above for your assistance.
So we can say that Today there are many apps to win unlimited instagram followers but the best as per our experience is the ‘Top Follow IOS’ app. If you are a windows users please visit our top follow app page for pc. Also to download the older versions of this app you can go to our old versions page. This was our call but still we tell about different other options you have and you can go for comparison category blogs section to know about more apps like Top Follow app which have a good repitition and can also help you gain sustainable real Instagram Followers, Niva Follower app is also not an exception. Do visit our facebook page to know whats latest and visit that from the footer of this page.
Note: You just checked about how top follow iOS is gonna work. We also have comparison section where have compare top follow app with other similar apps like Niva Followers app.

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