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Download Top Follow APK Old Versions 2024 (Unlimited Coins)

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Download Top Follow APK Old Versions 2024 with unlimited coins. This page provides Top Follow old version APKs for you to enjoy your Instagram growth journey.

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Note: For downloading the latest version of Top Follow apk kindly do visit our home page or click the button which says Download Latest version given above. Also remember that on every new install of this app it will be a good idea to get rid of the earlier installed version from your device.

How to win unlimited coins with Top Follow App

Get 50000 Followers on Instagram

Today the popularity of a person is judged just by how big a social circle and followers he has on a particular social media platform. Increasing followers and likes on a social media platform like Instagram is quite a daunting task. The advent of great apps like Top Follow APK has made this task look trivial and less time consuming. This article will not only give you Top Follow APK old versions but also it will explain the Top Follow old versions are useful for what kind of users.

Top follow APK is the best app to win unlimited real Instagram followers and likes. If you have used this app before then it is better for you to use the old version of top follow app. All the APK files that you will download from our site are fully scanned and guaranteed to be malware free. Below you will find the top follow latest version along with some old versions. 
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Top Follow Old Version

Why the old version is the best way to go for some of the people? 

There could be numerous reasons why some of the users of this app still prefer older versions over the latest version. Let’s have a quick glance at why some of the users still prefer to use older versions of top follow apk app.

Pre-existing Users

One of the reasons can be that the users who are interested in the older versions are pre existing users. These are the ones who have already used the application before and they are quite used to the user interface. They are too afraid to upgrade as they think that upgrading the app may need upgradation of device also so they end up using the same specific version of the app.

Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is another top reason why some of the users may be interested in the older version of this app. The users might be mindful about their previous experience of their device being fully compatible with a particular version of the application. So these types of users are not at all ready for version change.

Love for the Previous User Interface

Some Users have become so much obsessed with the previous features,  user interface and user journey that they can’t imagine using new features where they might be losing some of the key features or they have a fear that new features might be introduced in the new app which might not be compatible with their current device.

Fear of Losing Progress

These users also have a fear of losing the progress they have made with the previous version of the app. They fear that maybe new features can wipe away the coins that they have won using the previous version of the app and all their progress will be gone by just installing the new version of the app.

Not Accepting Change

These users after using the previous version of the app become so rigid about not changing anything that even if new versions come out in the market they will always be looking for older versions of the app that worked for them in the past. They are simply not ready to accept any new changes or any new features. The reason could be again that fear of impact of new features that might not prove to be compatible with the current status of their device.

Old Version Easy to Manage

Old version has less features which are easy to manage and as the app progresses the things might get complex for some of the users. So these kinds of users always want to stick with the particular version that was successful for them in the past. So they just do not want to experiment with version upgradation.

Note: If you are are a PC or IOS user you can access those versions and how to guide from their relevant pages on our blog.

Why do some of the users prefer the latest version of this app? 

Normally these are the ones that have never used this app before. They want to stay updated and want to use all the new features of this app. These users will just see the system requirements and if their machine or device is compatible they will simply go for it. They also think that the new app will be bug free as it will have all the testing and debugging done and it will have all the full features of the app that its developer has introduced.

Top Follow Promo Code

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Let us have a quick glance at some of the pros and cons of using older versions of this app. 

Pros of downloading older versions of Top Followers App

  • Compatible with your device’s previous operating system. 
  • You are confident that it will always work with your current device based on your near past experience. 
  • Older version of the app has less features which are easy to manage. 
  • Based on your previous experience the app was lightweight and fast so you will love to retry it. 
  • You will not be disturbed by unnecessary notifications that might add hindrance to your work. 
  • It will save you from the complexities that new features might introduce. 
  • This will have a shorter foot print or size in the memory. So the older version will come quite handy as it will not slow down your device.

Cons of using older version

  • It can have some bugs and errors and can lead to unexpected results in some situations. 
  • The older version of the app maybe less secure as compared to the updated version. 
  • Old version of the app has less features so you are just confined to the features available in the older version. 
  • Above all in the older version of this app the live support will not be available.

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We have gathered the last 10 older versions of this app so to download any of these older versions just Scroll UP.

It is important to make sure that there is no previous version installed on your device before you begin the installation process.

Yes, you can update the older version easily.


Top follow APK is the best app to gain genuine followers and likes on Instagram. It doesn’t matter whether you use the latest or older version of the app this app will just give you a head start in increasing your Instagram followers. The good thing about this tool is that it is free to use and it needs no effort at all to gain real followers and likes. All you have to do is to collect coins on a daily basis and once you have gathered a considerable number of coins use them to buy followers on your primary instagram profile. I would highly recommend this app for those people especially who are content creators and ones who wish to become popular with least effort and time. So download top follow apk old version from the top as per your convenience. Please don’t forget to uninstall the Top Follow old version before installing a new one.
Note: If you want to know more about this app don’t forget to keep an eye on our blogs section.

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