Top 10 Proven Ways to Make Quick Income on Instagram in 2024

Instagram, no doubt, is the world’s most powerful social media platform that is driving the world and connecting thousands of people together no matter what religion, gender or sect they belong to. World’s great celebrities, sportsmen, businessmen, public speakers and people from every walk of life use it in their daily lives. Have you ever wondered if instagram presence could be converted into generating some money? This article is all about telling you about those ways that can help you generate a handsome income from Instagram. Let’s go through a round of 10 ways to start making quick money on Instagram.

Road Map to Instagram Earning in 2024

1. Hunt Same Niche Brands and Joint venture

joint venture and market your partner products on Instagram

Just find popular brands of your niche and start promoting their products or services through your instagram account. If you are an Instagram influencer and have a good followership on Instagram then this could be the best way to generate some quick income. Decide your affiliate percentage always before starting the work. Believe me it will be the easiest job you have ever done as you know the psyche of your audience more than anybody and if you suggest something to your followers that definitely will have a good weightage. Before you start this feat do research on platforms like Social Bluebook to get a good idea of what you would be charging them. Best of luck.

2. Participate in Affiliate Programs

Sell through your own Instagram Shop

You are the hero and you have 1000 of followers so why not go for affiliate marketing with some of the Big names in the field of Affiliate marketing like ClickBank, Amazon, Share a sale which have numerous products. All you have to do is to do a bit of research and hunt your niche products which have a good market demand. This is another best and legitimate way to make some handsome living through Instagram.

3. Direct Selling through Your Own Instagram Store

Just sell on Instagram Shop

Just make your own Instagram store and through your posts try selling physical or non-physical like digital products of your niche. This would give your complete freedom over your work and you would enjoy and love the work you do and at the same time earn some quick bucks.

4. Go for Your Own Product Branding

Just have a vision and start adding your branding text on the commodities you sell in physical or digital form on Instagram. This way down the road you are convincing people to recognize you as a brand. So do this branding to attain a brighter future as an entrepreneur Instagram Influencer.

5. Boost Live Broadcasts with Live Badges

Live Instagram broadcast with live badges

Do frequent live broadcasts with your audience where you offer live badges to support your cause. Encourage people to buy as many badges as possible. Set badge count goal for people and share live stats of how many sold so that the people buy badges and try to be more responsive towards people queries during the live sessions so that they buy more badges and tell them importance of their support for you as an Instagram influencer to continue his journey and seek encouragement. So do use this little trick to gain more income.

6. Freemium Subscriptions

Freemium Instagram Subscriptions

Don’t offer everything for free. Just keep everything like posts and live sessions free to a certain extent after which there is a level where the people could get some next stage benefits only if they go for a paid subscription with you. Just make a collection of things that you could offer them in that paid subscription like paid posts viewing or participating in live broadcast only if they have subscribed. I would call this a freemium strategy where half of your actions are free and half are paid. This definitely works as compared to those models which are entirely paid.

7. Mold Yourself towards Becoming an Affiliate Expert


Just spend your extra time in collecting all the companies that offer good affiliate commissions. Just jot down 100 such companies and start contacting them one by one. And just take a deep dive and use the power of your existing followers and make some real money out of affiliate marketing.

8. Offer Paid Skill Development Courses

This is the digital age and the people are thirsty to learn more skills through online earning. Just use it to your advantage and offer some good paid training for your Instagram followers and also offer direct consultation services to your audience through Instagram. It is a great idea to create a website to do your seat allocation and registration for the paid courses before the actual course really starts. You can conduct live class sessions with the people who registered through zoom. This could be the best way to make some more income through Instagram.

9. Sell Your Portfolio Items Through Instagram Marketing on Amazon

sell your photos on Instagram

Just market your artwork and your favourite photos that you might have taken and sell them on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy. Just project your work to your followers and Instagram and draw them to Amazon to buy those products that you yourself created on Ecommerce platforms like Etsy, Ebay or even Amazon.

10. Create Engaging Videos on Instagram and Monetize

Monetize Instagram Videos

You know you can create engaging videos on Instagram and those could be monetized with Instagram video monetizing features like IGTV and ads on Reels. Just keep on creating video content which is really engaging and monetize that and showcase to your audience and this is all you have to do to make some auto-earning on Instagram platform.


You just need to gain 1000 followers to start making some good income and above 10 methods will help you a lot.

No they don’t have anything to do with your income. It is the above 10 methods we told you can start your real income.

I would suggest bookmarking this page as it has the round-up of the best 10 methods which beginners can also do to make a good living through Instagram. This includes all the tactics like affiliate marketing and even opening your own Instagram store or the method 1 we suggested like find the same niche brands and start marketing their products.

There is no special requirement that all you have to do is to login to Instagram and click on accounts and hit “Switch to Professional ” account option and then just follow the self explanatory prompts which will upscale your Instagram account to business account free of cost.


We hope you loved the round of 10 ways to earn money on Instagram as much as we did. We have opened our hearts for you and believe me if you have a good followership on Instagram you can pick any of the above ways and start making quick money. There is a lot of more great stuff being written so do check out our blog pages. Cheers!!

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