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Tips to get and increase real Instagram followers

1- Create a Consistent Posting Schedule8- Find Your Best Time to Post
2- Optimize Your Bio9- Don’t Buy Followers
3- Find the Best Hashtags10- Create Shareable Content
4- Create More Instagram Reels11- Optimize Stories Highlights
5- Connect With Your Community12- Have a Strong Personal Brand
6- Sure Content is Accessible13- Create a Cohesive Feed
7- Work With Others14- Write Captions for SEO

Importance of Real Followers on Instagram

Nowadays Instagram has gained popularity in the world of social media. The big challenge  in Instagram success is genuine followers engagement may lead to artificial means such as fake accounts or bots. 

The only solution best and easy solution to win real followers on Instagram is Top follow APK . That will give you real and active followers in an organic way to present your strong personal brand. Top follow app is available for PC and IOS platforms also.

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Top follow app to get real followers on instagram

Importance of Real Followers on Instagram

Do you know why real followers on Instagram are important .Why fake followers and bots are not good for our Instagram account. The answer is fake followers never engage with your content and never prompt your brand . In this case many people can not see your posts and secondly Instagram cracks down on your fake followers.This is the reason you should have real followers on Instagram.

Feature of the Top follows App

  • Top Follow App gives you real followers which helps you to connect with other users.
  •  Key feature is it helps you to connect with those people who have the same interests as you have. 
  • Genuinely interested followers come on your account. 
  • It is completely free. It is a user-friendly app.

Benefits of Getting Free Followers

Getting free followers has many benefits, one of them is you get a lot of fame. Following benefits are discussed below

1- You can earn money

Different platforms of social media help to earn money. Advertisers are always searching to approach you. More followers will turn you into an influencer.

2-You could Motivate the Change

Social media is the platform which gives you a change. Nowadays with the help of hashtags you can be viral. You can talk about different social issues.

3-Work with Reputable Organic Growth Services

The third benefit is more followers means more popularity. More followers on social media means you are more popular and successful.

Tips for Organic Growth on Social Media

These are the following tips if you want organic growth on Instagram.

1- Optimize Your Account

First tip to increase organic growth on Instagram is to optimize your account. If your account will be optimized you will get more followers fast and free.

2-Schedule your Posts in Advance

Make time-table to post your posts.Always post on peak hours when most of the followers are on-line. Instagram Algorithms can help you to schedule your posts in advance.

3-Work with Reputable Organic Growth Services

Always work with reliable services if you want to grow your Instagram account organically.

Spike Instagram Followers and Likes (The Easy Way)

Top follow and Ins Followers App are the two apps I would suggest you if you are interested in getting quick and free Instagram followers and likes. Top follow is the best of the two and it is multi-platform which means it is available on android, ios and pc.

Buying Followers Not a Good Strategy

Increasing followers is not possible overnight. So some of the people use other artificial means like buying Instagram followers. In our opinion that may give you a temporary boost which will not last long as those followers will not be systainable and you’ll eventually start losing followers after gaining them which will put on a very negative impact on your Instagram profile.

Have a Strong Personal Brand

Turn your visitors into followers. It is only possible if you will make your brand stronger. Let me give you an example: You will never enter that shop where you do not know what is being sold here. So the same case is here.

Create a Cohesive Feed

Create a cohesive feed, your Instagram page is just like your resume, including your portfolio, perfect picture, website. First impressions matter but you need to introduce yourself and in seconds convey your brand personally.

Optimize Your Instagram  Bio

Optimize your Instagram bio means your bio should be short , informative with relevant keywords. That will make your Instagram account more discoverable.

Find the Best Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are the best tool to reach your followers. Use relevant hashtags in your posts.

Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

Be consistent and regular in posting your schedule . That will build your trust . You will be able to engage your followers.

Find Your Best Time to Post

Let me give you a tip that do a bit of research and find a time when globally the largest number of users are online on Instagram. So that is the time when you should pouring in your new fresh posts. Hope you are getting it that just plan your posting time wisely and it would be best if you could schedule your next few weeks or even months posts. Just automate the posting process.

Sure Content is Accessible

5 ways to make your Ingram content more accessible

  • Use good images and videos
  • Verbalize visual details during story
  • Words should be capital in Instagram hashtags
  • Use emojis in your posts
  • Write descriptive ALT text in your posts

Work With Others brands and influencers

Working with other brands is another growth hack that opens the doors of success. You can get more potential followers through this method.

Create More Instagram Reels

Reels can also increase your online visibility. But make sure your reels should have proper keywords, relevant hashtags and create original content.

Optimize Instagram Stories Highlights

Stories disappear within 24 hours . You can make them alive by saving them as story highlights.

Create Shareable Content

Make shareable content like inspirational quotes and informative posts to reach thousands of people.

Connect With Your Community

Another way to grow on Instagram is to communicate with followers. Reply to them in the comments. Always be positive. Reply negative comments positively and wisely. Build your trustable relationship.

Go live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram is another opportunity to grow your Instagram followers organically.

Note:Instagram live option is only available  on desktop.

Bonus: Get Real Followers on Instagram in 10 Minutes

Here is a bonus video we are showing you to give knowledge in addition to this article so to make this page extremely helpful for you to win real followers on Instagram..


For getting real followers on Instagram use high quality content, use relevant hashtags, communicate with the audience and be consistent in posting your posts.

Optimize your Instagram profile, your bio should be a clear and attractive profile picture. Be consistent in posting. Use high quality content and relevant hashtags.

You can get 1000 followers on Instagram by engaging your audience , posting high quality posts and by using relevant hashtags.

Just focus on posting valuable content, related hashtags and be regular in posting your posts to get 500 real followers on Instagram.

No it may not be sufficient to attract paid opportunities directly but gradually monetize your account for getting paid.

Try different strategies to gain 1K followers. It includes high content , relevant hashtags hosting giveaways and engaging your audience in comments.


To conclude, real followers on Instagram are very important to grow your account, to earn money, increase on-line visibility and for business. For that Top follow Apk app is the best app to gain real followers. It is completely free, user friendly and connects with those only who have the same interest.
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