Losing Instagram Followers in 2024 | How to Fix Decrease

Have you ever wondered why you are losing Instagram followers so quickly. There could be many factors responsible for this. We have discussed all the factors which result in your Instagram Followers count to fall sharply in this article but before you take deep dive these are the most probable reasons why it decreases.

Possible reasons of losing Instagram Followers
Losing Instagram Followers

Also let us see some dos and don’ts which directly affect the sustainability and growth of your Instagram Followers.

Research relevant hashtagsDon’t use not related hashtags
Encash both niche oriented and famous hashtagsDon’t use too many hashtags
Create your own branded hashtagsDon’t use banned hashtags

How to Pause Losing Instaram Followers Decreasing Problem

Billion users of Instagram are facing the same problem that is losing followers on Instagram.It is a big cause of frustration among Instagram Users and really affects the growth of their accounts.

Luckily there are different strategies which can prevent followers loss on Instagram and sustain their online presence. You need to understand those reasons and learn those techniques that will boost your online presence and enhance your brand’s reach and impact. We have an app called top follow apk which you can download from our site to get unlimited Instagram followers. We also have a good repository of all old versions of topfollow app which you could also try if a particular version doesn’t work on your mobile phone. Both IOS and PC versions of Top follow app are also available on our blog so don’t worry we have got you covered by all means.


  • Only Use hashtags which are related to your niche and avoid using those that are just popular but not at all related to your niche.
  • Encash both niche oriented and famous hashtags.
  • A more healthy approach will be to amalgamate niche relevant and high traffic hashtags.By doing it you can reach your specific audience and at the same time you will reach a broader audience.
  • If you want to promote your brand and content then creating branded hashtags is the excellent way.


  • Do not use those hashtags that are not related to your topic as that will create confusion and frustration among your followers and ultimately it can result in losing instagram followers.
  •  Don’t use hashtags excessively. If you use too many hashtags in your post that will look spammy and definately a red flag.
  • Do not use banned hashtags otherwise your post will not come in your search result.

Why is being more interactive with your Instagram Followers a win-win situation?

Just make it a habit to interact with your Instagram followers regularly.  Replying to them on comments, likes and shares will be a win-win situation for you in the long run. It will build your trust and make your relationship even stronger with your Instagram followers. And you might end up in getting a bunch of more Instagram followers who will get motivated and inspired from you as an Instagram Influencer.

Handling Negative Comments and Feedback to Keep Your Followers

Deal negative comments professionally. Reply them positively and make your attitude positive towards followers to build trust. It will show them how caring a person you are towards your followers.

Does the timing of your posts on Instagram really matter with respect to your Instagram Followers engagement and sustainability?

Post on the best time when your followers are active. Use Instagram analytics to track  them. Best time for posting is peak hours. This will not only increase your interaction opportunities with your Instagram Followers but will also help you sustain your Instagram Followers for a longer period of time.

Tips to Keep Your Instagram Followers Engaged and Active

These are the following tips which will help you to make your audience    engaged and active.

Post Consistently:

Make your posting schedule and follow it. Your followers will know when you are going to post your new content.

Top Notch Imagery / Videos:

Use top notch videos and images in your posts to capture your audience’s attention.

Narrate your posts like stories:

Jotting down some stories for your followers on Instagram is the best thing you can do for your Instagram followers’ engagement and sustainability. Believe me stories can be a great tool to keep your audience connected with you for a longer span of time.

Host giveaways and Contests:

Giveaways and contestants is great . You can engage your audience by this technique you’ll be able to fix the problem of losing Instagram Followers forever.

Using Instagram Analytics to Stop Losing Instagram Followers

Instagram analytics is a powerful tool to identify why you are losing followers. Secondly you can track which posts are performing well and reach on other metrics.

Blend your posts with laser sharp images and top notch interesting topic relevant videos:

Have a good camera or hire some high tech cameraman who can help you with photography and filmmaking. The images and videos should be unique and eye catching for the followers. That’s one thing that you should never compromise on.

Enrich your posts with Instagram builtin Image Filters:

Enhance your imagery with Instagram built in imaging filters, as they can really add a bit of punch on your images and your posts can look far more attractive.

Make Image Collages and Image based sliders:

Try to be more unique and creative and add skills of image collage making, Image sliders and creating videos with your images in your arsenal. Learn a bit of video editing and apply filters to your images and use a software like adobe premiere and create awesome video reels for your Instagram audience and include them with all the filters and custom text and even music of your liking at the backend. If you do all these tricks you can give your Instagram Followers a real spike.


There are various reasons including changes in content, low quality visuals etc

Instagram periodically removes those  accounts which are inactive and spammy  that can decrease in follower count.

Make attractive posts, high quality content, do not use spammy tactics and interact with the audience.

Yes, Instagram can remove followers that violate community guidelines.

Decreasing automatically Instagram followers can be due to unfollows or removal of accounts.

It is possible but not guaranteed , check if your posts are appearing in hashtags or not. 

Instagram is still a popular platform, competition may occur on individual accounts.


 In the end, losing Instagram followers is really frustrating but by following different tips you can control this certain decrease. Remember to create attractive content, use related hashtags, and interact with the audience is all very important to sustain your Instagram Followers. Don’t forget to track your progress on Instagram analytics. With the passage of time if you apply all these different strategies you will build local and active followers. If you want to explore our blogs and stay updated please don’t forget to have a peep on those also. Hope you enjoyed this post. Cheers !!!. Top follow app can also be downloaded from google play store through app which is titled as Top Follow Tags.

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