Unlock the Power of Instagram’s New Image Sizes


Instagram, one of the leading photo-sharing apps since 2012, has recently introduced new photo size options to keep users engaged and connected. This major update aims to prevent users from shifting to other services like Snapchat and to cater to the preferences of its vast user base of over 300 million.

Users and advertisers uploading images happily

Enhanced Layout Options

Instagram’s new layout options allow users to upload images in various sizes dynamically. This change addresses the needs of users who may not have the time or expertise to edit their images. Now, users can easily upload and share photos in different sizes without the hassle of resizing.

Benefits for Advertisers and Users

The new feature makes Instagram more flexible and user-friendly. Advertisers and users now have multiple options for uploading their content. According to social media marketing expert Jabra Ahobowlingson, increasing the number of ads seen by users and ensuring they stay on the platform longer is crucial for advertisers. The ability to upload any image size directly supports this goal.

Addressing Format Issues

Previously, one in five photos or videos did not fit properly within Instagram’s format, causing users to abandon their uploads. This new feature aims to reduce such issues, ensuring that group photos and other images are fully visible. The move is expected to retain current users and attract new ones, as it simplifies the photo and video uploading process.

Introduction of Web-Based Service

Starting Thursday, Instagram will also introduce a web-based service compatible with mobile apps running on Google Android and Apple iOS systems. This development is seen as a smart move by Instagram to compete with rapidly growing platforms like Snapchat.

Impact on Advertising Revenue

Instagram’s advertising revenue, generated from ads and video advertisements, is expected to see significant growth. Analysts predict that by 2024, Instagram could earn up to $600 million in advertising revenue, a substantial increase from previous years. This potential growth is drawing new brands and advertisers to the platform.

Comparison with Facebook

To understand the potential impact of this update, consider Facebook’s growth in 2014, where it generated $12 billion in revenue and gained a billion users in a single day. Instagram’s new format is poised to drive similar growth and engagement.

Promoting New Formats

To promote the new format, companies like Disney have announced that they will upload their upcoming film content, such as the new Star Wars movie, to Instagram using the new photo sizes. This move is expected to attract more users and advertisers to the platform.


Instagram’s introduction of new photo sizes is a significant update that enhances user experience, retains existing users, and attracts new ones. This flexibility allows users to upload images without the need for additional editing software, making the platform more accessible and appealing. For advertisers, this change offers an opportunity to reach a broader audience and increase engagement. Whether you are an individual user or a business, Instagram’s new photo sizes provide a convenient way to share content and grow your presence on the platform. Visit TopFollow APK Guru and our TopFollow App Blog for more tips and updates on maximizing your social media engagement.

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