Instagram’s New Flipside Feature for Fake Accounts in 2024

Instagram, a leading social media platform, is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. The latest innovation is the Flipside feature, designed to transform fake accounts, commonly known as finstas, into personalized private profiles. This new feature aims to offer users a unique way to share content with a select group of people while maintaining their privacy. For more insights and updates, visit home and blogs pages.

What is Flipside?

Feature Overview

Flipside is an experimental feature currently being tested by Instagram. It allows users to convert their fake Instagram accounts into an official product, providing a separate space for private content. Users can create a personalized profile to share content with a specific group of friends or family members, maintaining a clear distinction from their main Instagram account.

Group of users converting fake Instagram accounts into personalized profiles using the Flipside feature.

Target Users

This feature is particularly beneficial for users who maintain multiple accounts to separate their public and private lives. By using Flipside, these users can enjoy enhanced privacy and control over who sees their content, making it easier to manage their social media presence.

Benefits of Flipside

Personalized Profiles

Flipside enables users to create a personalized profile that is linked to their main Instagram account. This profile can be used to share content that is meant for a smaller, more intimate audience. Whether it’s personal updates, family photos, or private moments, Flipside provides a safe space for sharing.

Privacy Control

One of the key benefits of Flipside is the enhanced privacy it offers. Users can maintain a separate profile that is only accessible to selected friends and family members. This ensures that their private content remains confidential and is not visible to their broader Instagram audience.

Testing and Launch

Current Testing

As of now, Flipside is in the testing phase and is being trialed with a select group of users. Instagram is gathering feedback from these users to understand the effectiveness of the feature and to make any necessary improvements.

Potential Rollout

Depending on the results of the testing phase, Instagram may decide to roll out Flipside to the general public. The feedback and response from the test users will play a crucial role in determining whether this feature becomes a permanent addition to Instagram.


Instagram’s new Flipside feature has the potential to significantly enhance user privacy and control. By converting fake accounts into personalized private profiles, users can enjoy a more tailored and secure social media experience.

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