Why Instagram Flags Your Photo as Made with AI in 2024

Instagram has recently introduced a feature that flags photos as made with AI, aiming to provide transparency about the use of artificial intelligence in image creation. This new tag has sparked reactions among photographers, some of whom are concerned about their work being mislabeled. For more insights and updates, visit TopFollow and TopFollow Blogs.

Photographers modifying images and Instagram falsely flagging them as 'Made with AI'

What Triggers the AI Flag?

Generative Fill

One of the primary triggers for Instagram’s AI flag is the use of the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop. This tool allows users to fill in parts of an image with AI-generated content. If Instagram detects the use of Generative Fill, it is likely to label the image as made with AI.

Other Indicators

Apart from Generative Fill, other editing tools and techniques can also trigger the AI flag. These include extensive use of AI-based editing software and certain automated enhancements. Instagram’s algorithm scans images for signs of AI manipulation and applies the tag accordingly.

Photographers’ Reactions


Many photographers are concerned about the AI flagging feature, fearing it may undermine the authenticity of their work. The tag can sometimes mislead viewers into thinking that a photo is entirely AI-generated, even when only minor enhancements were made using AI tools.

Mislabeling Issues

There have been instances where genuine photographs were incorrectly flagged as made with AI. This mislabeling issue has caused frustration among photographers who strive to maintain the integrity of their work. Instagram is working to improve its algorithm to reduce such errors.

How to Avoid the AI Flag

Editing Tips

To avoid triggering the AI flag, photographers should be mindful of their editing techniques. Use manual editing tools as much as possible and limit the use of AI-based features. Keeping edits subtle and focusing on natural enhancements can help reduce the risk of being flagged.

Using Authorized Tools

Stick to authorized and widely recognized editing tools that comply with Instagram’s guidelines. Familiarize yourself with the platform’s policies and avoid using software that heavily relies on AI. This approach can help ensure your photos remain free of the AI tag.


Instagram’s AI flagging feature aims to bring transparency to the use of artificial intelligence in image creation. While it has raised concerns among photographers, understanding the triggers and adhering to best practices can help avoid mislabeling. Stay updated with Instagram’s guidelines to adapt to these changes.

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