McConway's Instagram Lens

McConway’s Story Through Instagram’s Lens | A Journey from Ghana to Lebanon

McConway's Instagram Lens

This is the story of an Irish girl who migrated from Ghana to Lebanon just before the war in Gaza began. Since moving to Lebanon she has been sharing the pics of her current staying place. Straight from the heart of mediterranian countries lies the beautiful state of Lebanon. She has come there but still worry as war can strike Lebanon anytime as the war between Israel and Hammas continues.

Lebanon landscapes and lakes through Instagram

Instagram Became Her Voice

Her migration to Labenon has become a great source of information and learning for Instagram Followers. She shares frequently about the challenges she faces and how the people of Lebanon welcomed her and the beautiful place pics where she settled. But still she talks about the uncertainty that circulates around her as the war in Lebanon can also break any time and her new paradise in Lebanon can be ruined quickly.

McConway is a courageous women with deep Irish background so the way how Lebanese society has welcomed and accomodated an Irish lady is what attracts Instagram Followers.

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A Big Spike on Instagram Followers

She frequently shares beautiful landscapes, mountains, sunsets and lakes of Lebanon right from her Instagram lens and the people are simply loving it. Just with in a short span of time she has attained 72,000 Instagram Followers. She is trying not to only explore the Labenese culture herself but at the same tme she has taken a deep dive into using her earned money through her Instagram account to arrange tours for people in Labanon to beautiful places. While telling you this tale of this innocent lady I also feel attracted towards looking at her instagram page and subscribing.

Lebanan war and unrest through Instagram Lens

Instagram A Bridge Between Societies

We can conclude that social media channels like Instagram if used to their correct utilisation can help make mend bridges between societies and it is not about Instagram followership numbers that we should just admire but also admire the society on whole which is ready to connect with other societies and tools like Instagram can become a source. The power of Instagram can really make the difference and it can change the world spectrum at global level and can help societies to comfortable engage with other societies welcomingly and without any fears. I hope you liked the story of this lady McConway. Please come frequently and we’ll be sharing more inspirational stuff for you related to Instagram and it’s followers in future also. If you want to know how to increase your instagram followers through Top Follow Apk kindly browse all the pages and get a copy of the app on your mobile today. The iOS and PC versions of top follow app are also available so don’t worry we have got you covered. We also posted about hollywood actress Halima Abubakar who is upset about discrepancies in her Instagram Follower count getting stagnant at 1 million mark where she claims to win 500 to 1000 Instagram followers on daily basis.

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