How to Hide Followers on Instagram in 2024 | Best Methods

how to hide followers on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform that is very beneficial for its Instagram account holders in today’s world. This is one of the best media (Photos and videos) sharing social media tools. But sometimes there is a risk of unwanted followers which are spam. Or simply you do not want someone to see your photos or videos because of privacy issues, you can simply hide them from your Instagram account.

Why Do People Hide Followers on Instagram?  

One wonders, why would someone like to do that in the first place. The first reason can be to protect your privacy like you do not want other people to see your posts or stories. 2nd reason is you can control your follower list of the people you only want to see your post. The 3rd reason for hiding followers on Instagram can help you to remove spam accounts and bots from your following list.        

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Tips for Managing Your Followers List

Here we will discuss a few tips to manage your following list.

Regularly check your followers list:  

First tip to manage your follower list is to check your followers list daily to remove unwanted followers.

Use apps to manage your followers:

 For managing your followers list you can use many apps. Those apps will support you to delete unwanted followers.

Be selective with who you follow:

You need to be very vigilant and selective like the people you follow and the people who follow you.  Because don’t forget Instagram is designed in such a way that if somebody follows you he gets permission to see all your post and stories that you had been posting before.

Instagram Privacy Options

1. Different Account Types

There are two kinds of accounts: private account and public account. If we define a public account it is visible to everyone that also includes those people who are not the followers. Even these people who are not followers can comment on their posts. They can see all activities, status and profile information. On the other hand, if we talk about private accounts, A private account has restrictions and only gives access to its followers. Only followers can see all posts and activities.

2.   Activity Status

Instagram gives many options to its users. One option is that users can hide their last activity from their followers. For that users need to switch off their status activity but in return user won’t be able to see the activities of their followers too.

3.   Restrict Account 

If you do not remove or block your followers, then Instagram gives another option that you can restrict your followers by just faking yourself as being offline all the time.

How to Hide My Followers on Instagram? 

There are many ways to hide followers on Instagram. 

Below are some of the reasons why someone would be keen to hide his Instagram followers.

1. Hide Your Followers: Make your Instagram Account Private

Your first paramount step should be to toggle your personal profile to private mode. It is altogether in your hands, if you accept their request to become followers then they will be with you on Instagram as a follower. 

Steps to make Instagram Profile Private

If you want to make your account private these steps you need to follow. Go to your profile. You will find three dots in the right corner. Click on those dots and select (settings). In settings (Privacy) option. Here you will make your private account by clicking on (Private account).

2. Shrunken your Followers List

If going private is not the option for you then just take a peek into your followers list and start getting rid of the ones you don’t want. The steps of removing followers are to go on three dots at the corner, select followers then press the remove button next to the followers you want to remove.

3. Blocking Users on Instagram to hide my followers:

This is the simplest method to remove followers that most people do for hiding followers from Instagram accounts. Blocking someone means that person cannot see, comment on your account. For blocking you are supposed to go to the follower’s profile. Press three dots and select a block.

Pros and Cons of Hiding Your Followers


If you will hide your followers from your Instagram account, the first disadvantage is that it is harmful for your content. And if you have made your account for the purpose of engagement then your content will suffer and it will have less engagement.


If we talk about advantages, then first of all hiding followers from Instagram will protect you from unwanted followers. You will have control of the information you share online.

Let’s recap                                         

This article was about (How to Hide Followers from Instagram). I have explained each point in detail. I hope all your concerns are solved. Hiding followers from Instagram accounts is useful to maintain privacy. There are many ways to hide followers from your Instagram account, that includes removing, blocking and making your account private.  For reading other latest articles don’t foget to visit our blogs page.

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