How to Increment Instagram followers without following in 2024

It is really challenging for Instagram users to increase followers organically on instagram without following them back. Are you  struggling  to get Instagram followers on Instagram without following?

Luckily there are many strategies which work effectively. Such as profile optimization techniques, crafting captivating content and Instagram stories etc. Top Follow app is one of the popular apps which helps to get followers on Instagram without following.

Optimize Your Profile

If you want to increase your followers without following you need to optimize your profile. First of all select a clear, high-quality profile picture which should  showcase your identity and purpose. Put relevant keywords and links to external resources. Below are some of the ways you can optimise your profile.

Create Engaging Content

After optimization, craft engaging content to get followers. Consistency is your key. Daily post to maintain audience interest. Use high quality visuals, instagram stories, quizzes and live videos to captivate your audience.

 Use Hashtags and Instagram Stories

Use hashtags on Instagram to reach your audience by making your post more searchable. Explore Instagram’s suggested hashtags and and cread branded ones for increased visibility.


Collaborate with similar  accounts to gain followers without following. Guest post on each other’s profile , create content together.

Run a Contest

Run contests on Instagram ,tag your friends by offering valuable prizes  can increase followers without following.

Photo Sharing contest.

You can encourage your  participants to share photos showcasing your products  and tag your account for more interaction on Instagram.

Periodic contests.

Arrange weekly and monthly contests to encourage people to follow you.

How To Get More Followers via the Explore Page

1. Advent of Use Viral Service

It is reliable service known for real , active followers if you want to grow your Instagram following.

2. Sides Media a second option

It is  quite similar to UseVira and it is guaranteed to give you legitimate and sustainable IG followers.This method can enhance your Instagram presence wth in no time.

3. Services like SocialWick

Services like Social wick could be the best source for you to boost your instagram followers with confidence.

Deploy Razor Sharp Appealing Images

Use those images which are full of emotions and colours and unique angles which grabs the attention of followers.

Got on with attractive captions
Using proper meaningful captions can help you better communicate your nerrative to the masses on Instagram.

Don’t Over do the Hash tags
Abstain from using uncountable hashtags because that is itself a red flag and will be counter product instead of benefitting you.

Build up a Bond with Others Through Direct Messaging

Directly replying others gives you a chance to build up a bond with others which finally results in your Instagram Followers increase.

Commenting Frequency on Other Instagram Also Matter
Give sincere comments where possible and see people following you in return.

Buy Instagram Followers

You can buy Instagram followers from the best sites to increase followers.

Promote your Instagram profile on other channels

Use (Follow me on Instagram) it is often effective in gaining more IG followers.

Points you should never forget

Just keep a checklist of these things if you wish to succeed in growing your instagram profile.

Focus on Engaging Content 

Just doing go after the system with an intent of just gaining followers, rather share some useful quality content with the people so that there long term sustainable relationship could be established and you never lose your followers again.

Avoid All Spam Tactics

  All artificially created strategies are going to fail so avoid any action that you think doesn’t involve actual human involvment and based on ai or bot based to gain fake followers. That will be temporary and you account will loose all it’s credibility.

Content Context Matter

Upgrade both your content quality and it’s relevance with the topic being dicussed and make sure it’s shared with right audience. So all those paths that are followed like a gentleman will lead you to strengthening your instagram followership.

Audience Research Key To Success

  Audience research is of utmost importance so do research your followers deeply like their likes and deslikes and only share relevant content which you are sure is going to appeal them based on their niche of interest. Do research on their wants and wishes and if you can share what they want you can get there surely.


How do you see someone’s recent followers on Instagram?

No you can not see someone’s recent followers on Instagram because of privacy.

What is the order of someone’s followers list on Instagram?

The order of someone’s followers list on Instagram depends on various factors, such as  interaction level, mutual connections, and activity.

How to see someone’s latest followers on Instagram 2024?

No, you can not see someone’s  latest followers on Instagram 2024.

How can I see my Instagram followers history?

Instagram doesn’t offer  to view your followers’ history.

How can I get 1 k followers on Instagram fast?

You can get 1 K followers on Instagram very fast by becoming more active on instagram, post high-quality content regularly, and use relative  hashtags and collaborations.

How to get 1 k followers on Instagram quickly?

Getting 1 k followers on instagram quickly involves engaging with your audience, posting high-quality content regularly, and using relative  hashtags and collaborations.

How to get 1,000 followers on Instagram every day?

It is not possible to get 1,000 followers on Instagram as it requires many strategies for growing followers.

How can I increase my followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

Increasing followers in 5 minutes is not a realistic approach to focus on long term strategies to grow followers organically.


Let’s conclude that if you want to boost your Instagram followers without following them back you can use various methods like content creation, hashtag usage, stories sharing, contests and joint ventures. Also don’t forget to optimize your profile with a bio and clear picture to attract potential followers. Top follow app is also one of the best and most reliable way to sky rocket your Instagram followers and we also have previous versions of top follow app if you have an old phone and you used to use an old version of top follow app then you can use that from our blog.

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