How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram in 2024

In today’s digital age, privacy on social media is a significant concern for many users. Instagram, a leading social media platform, has taken steps to improve user control over their data. While Instagram does not offer a direct tool to hide your following list, there are several tactics you can use to keep your data private. This guide will walk you through simple methods to make your Instagram activity more private and protect your following list from prying eyes.

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Steps to Hide Your Following List

Happy young man hiding his Instagram following list, thrilled about Instagram's new privacy feature.

Accessing Settings

To begin, open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile. In the top right corner, you will see a menu icon (three lines). Click on it to access the menu, then select “Settings.” From there, go to “Privacy.”

Adjusting Privacy Settings

Under the privacy settings, find the “Connections” section. Here, you will see an option to “Hide Following List.” Enable this checkbox to ensure that people you follow will not be visible to others. This is the simplest method to keep your following list private from other users.

Unfollowing Users

If you want to manage who can see your following list, consider unfollowing users who you don’t want to view your list. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the “Followers” button. Browse through the list and click on any follower’s name you wish to remove. Tap the “Remove” button to unfollow them. This step ensures that only selected users can view your following activities.

Blocking Users

When to Block

Blocking users is an extreme measure but sometimes necessary. If you believe certain users pose a threat to your privacy or continually invade your space, blocking them is an effective solution.

How to Block

To block a user, go to their profile on Instagram. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of their profile. Select “Block” from the options that appear and confirm your decision. This will prevent the blocked user from seeing your profile and activities entirely.

Limiting Account Visibility

Using Limit Account Feature

Instagram also offers a “Limit Account” feature. This allows you to restrict certain users without completely blocking them. These users won’t be able to see your online status or know if you have read their messages. To enable this, go to the user’s profile, click on the three dots in the top right corner, and select “Restrict.”

Managing Story Privacy

Controlling who can view your stories is another way to maintain privacy. Instagram allows you to make your stories visible only to close friends. Go to your profile, click on “Settings,” then “Privacy,” and select “Story.” Here, you can choose to hide your stories from certain followers or create a close friends list.

Caution with Third-Party Apps

Risks Involved

While third-party apps may offer enhanced privacy features, they come with significant risks. These apps often require access to your account information and can be vulnerable to data breaches. Instagram’s algorithm may also flag your account for using unauthorized apps.


We recommend using Instagram’s built-in privacy settings to manage your account. If you must use third-party apps, ensure they are reputable and take precautions to protect your data.


Although Instagram does not have a direct feature to hide your following list, using the methods outlined above can help you protect your privacy. By adjusting your settings, managing who you follow, and being cautious with third-party apps, you can keep your Instagram activity private and secure.

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