Halima Abubakar Upset About Discrepent Instagram Followers Count

Halima Abubakar Instagram followers count

The modern era belongs to social media and today as we move around, breath and walk, we are all conscious about our social media handles followership. But the point to ponder is that why is that? The answer should be that the great social media giants like Instagram are the driving forces which connect societies and are playing a pivotal role in our lives. Social media has some positive impact also on our lives. Let us see this all through a case study. Please keep on reading.

Halima Abubakar In Mysterious Situation

This is a news presser about Halima Abubakar a holiwood movie star is recently stuck in a strange situation where she is depressed with the fact of discrepancies in her Instagram followership count. She thinks that despite her being proactive and daily interacting with her audience her total Instagram followers count has not moved a single inch from 1 million followers bench mark. It has become stagnant.

She shows her sorry and disbelief as she is sure of getting around 500 to 1000 followers daily so how come this possible that her total followers count is not going beyond 1 million followers mark.

This incident is just an eye opener on the fact that how much powerful these social media platforms like Instagram are and how deeply they have influenced our lives.

Instagram Connecting Societies Together

In my personal opinion the concern of Halima Abubakar is one side and Instagram might take a look and fix this for her or clear her confusion but this incident is a solid evidence that Instagram is proving to be a bridge between the people and societies. It is a bridge through which a society on the whole can communicate or accomodate another society. The celebrities like Halima Abubakar are the important key nodes of this global social media network which help spread message of love among masses and connect them and help them have common views and help in people to people contact at a larger scale.


We should appreciate Instagram for giving this opportunity to the humanity to connect with one oneanother and on a lighter note we hope this trivial Instagram followers count problem of Halima Abubakar will be remedified as soon as possible and she’ll be able to continue with her efforts as an Instagram Influencer and change lives of people around her. Cheers !!!
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