How to get 100k Instagram Followers in 2024 | Quick and Easy

In today’s digital world, Instagram is the most popular social media platform. Most of the Instagram users are struggling to gain sufficient following on Instagram.Are you facing the same problem to get 100k Instagram followers?

If yes, then this article is for you. Here you will get tips and tricks on how to achieve threshold level of 100 k Instagram Followers organically. Top Follow apk is the best app to increase your followers organically on Instagram.

100k Instagram Follers

100k Followers Instagram Income

Before we enlighten you with those great ways to win 100 000 instagram followers, have you wondered how much is the 100k followers Instagram income you can earn. So here is the answer that if you have 100k followers you are categorised as an Instram influencer and according to an estimate in 2024 you can earn somewhere between $1000 to $5000. This is not bad a income for somebody atall. So to know more about how to achieve this target please keep on reading.

How to get 100k Followers on Instagram

Instagram Influencer Goto Strategies

 If you want to be successful influencer on Instagram that doesn’t need a large number of followers. It is just about how you present yourself or how you sell yourself. Secondly it is a quality in how you engage your followers effectively. So instead of increasing followers just focus on strategies which are truly required.

My Best Advice to Grow 100K Instagram Followers:

  • Be genuine, know your audience
  •  Interact with audience
  • Post carefully and purposefully
  • Post best photos
  • Create unique content

Popular methods to Get 100K Followers on Instagram

Here are following tips on how to get 100k followers on Instagram

#1 Select a good Niche

First of all select your niche like for instance food, travel etc. Develop content which is related with your selected category. while creating your content keep your audience at the back of your mind.

#2 Be aware about direction of content expand in future

With the passage of time you can expand your content but you should plan even before writing your first word that in which direction you gonna take your project in the long run. Gradually start working on that as the time passes.

#3 Write Regularly

Consistency is the key point in increasing followers. Be consistent in posting. That will help you to build healthy relationships between followers.

#4 Thing and have equal time gaps between your posts

Before posting your content always plan the timing of your posting. Plan the few weeks and months ahead and the content should go on the world wide web at an equal intervals.

#5 Go with only related Hashtags

Don’t just bombard your content with hashtags but only use the ones that are related with your content. Remember only when the hashtags are related to your content will help you increase audience and give traffic a real spike.

#6 Interact with your Audience

Never disable the comments on your articles and always reply to your audience with love. Show something unique to your audience to grow your 100k followers. Believe me you being active and interactive will mean a lot for the success of your Instagram profile.

#7 Hunt Instagram Influencers and Do Bonding

Remember it is bonding with pre-existing influencers that can get you there so just hunt for like minded Instagram enthusiasts and form a good bond with them.

#8 Go for Business / Creator Instagram Account

Switching to  a creator account can also help you to increase 100k Instagram followers. That will give open up all the premium options for you in Instagram that can take you to new heights of success.

#9 Keep an Eagle Eye on your Traffic

Just make a habit that when you post on instagram how many such people see your posts who are actually not your follower. They are the ones whom to target. And you should try that non followers seeing your new content should grow. This number should grow as the time passes.

#10 While Posting Self Evaluate / Never Lose Hope

If your followers do not like your post do not take it personally. Just understand next time you will create high quality content. It is business just to treat it like it.

If you follow these tips you will hopefully be able to fulfill your dream of ‘Instagram 100k followers’.

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Powerful Techniques to Boost Instagram Followers to 100K 

These are some more powerful techniques to boost your Instagram followers

Develop a Consistent and Unique Brand Identity

To develop a consistent and unique brand identity your profile should reflect your personality, goals and values. For consistent brand identity choose colour scheme, tone of voice and visual style. Instagram pictures should clearly represent your profile.

Engage with your Audience by Responding to Comments and DMs

Engage your audience by responding to comments and DMs. Encourage them by asking questions and responding to their questions.

Host Giveaways and Contests to Encourage Engagement

Hosting giveaways can increase your reach and visibility on the platform, but always follow Instagram guidelines while hosting contests.

Utilize Instagram Ads to Reach a Larger Audience

If you want to reach a larger audience to gain followers, use Instagram ads . It is a powerful and great tool. With its help a large traffic can land on your website.

Analyze and Adjust your Strategy Based on Metrics

Track your progress through different tools like Hootsuite or  Sprout Social. You can analyze and adjust your strategies.

Stay up-to-date with New Features And Trends on the Platform

Always update yourself with new features and trends to grow organically and boost your Instagram followers.


To conclude , if you want to gain 100k followers you are supposed to follow some wise strategies to grow organically. It includes high quality content, hosting giveaways, relevant hashtags, and hosting contests. If you still have any query or question do comment below.

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