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June 18, 2024

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With the recent Top Follow update, users can now enjoy new features and improved performance

For those looking to boost their Instagram followers, the Top Followers APK download offers a seamless and efficient solution.

Today the popularity of someone is measured through how big his online social circles are. Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms where the online users count has already crossed the 2.4 billion mark. I had been wondering how to increase the social followers on a mega social media platform like Instagram. Top follow apk is one of the most simple and most powerful app to increase Instagram Followers for free. With this app, you can achieve Top Follow unlimited followers and boost your Instagram presence effortlessly.

This top followers app has made it super easy to increase your IG follower count with just a click. A click and a blink of an eye is what it takes to give you unlimited coins which could be transformed to unlimited Instagram Followers. This makes it easier to become one of the top followers on Instagram. The Top Follow IG app simplifies the process of increasing your Instagram followers. Additionally, you can use the Top Follow hack unlimited coins feature to maximize your coin earnings effortlessly. In this article we will give you a complete walkthrough about sky rocketing your Instagram followers with extreme ease so keep on reading and scrolling down. The Top Follow Instagram app is designed to help users gain followers rapidly and effectively. There are also PC and IOS versions of this app available on our website. Make sure to download the Top Follow new version for the latest features and updates. Just visit the Top Follow iOS section of our website and you’ll get the IOS version of this app free of cost.

Application NameTop Follow
Application CategorySocial Media
Scan ReportClean
Rating5 Stars
TopFollow App PromoCode CodeB0Q8II4MQ4
Requires Android5.0 and Up
Last Updated1 min ago
Top Follow App

How to download and install Top Follow apk?

Follow the below steps to download Top Follow app on your mobile.

Step # 1

  • Go to and click on ‘Download Apk’ button.
Download Top Follow Apk

Step # 2

  • You will see below screens where the download has started.
Top Follow app downloading

Step # 3

  • Once the app is downloaded go to your default download area and click on the downloaded file. It will show the app install prompt screen like below. Just click on INSTALL.
Top Follow Install Confirm

Step # 4

  • Once the app is installed you should be able to see Top Follow icon on your phone desktop just like below.
Top Follow Installing
App installed

Step # 5

  • Click on the topfollow app shortcut from your mobile phone’s main screen. The app should open and load without any problems.
Open top follower apk app
App loaded

Note: During the installation process if you a get prompt to enable installation of third party apps from unknown sources just allow that. This should allow you to carry on with the installation process explained above smoothly.

What is TopFollow?

Top Followers apk is an android app to increase your instagram followers with merely a click. The followers you’ll gain will be legit and not fake. So this is the best chance for you to increase your Instagram followership online and surprise your folks with how big a social circle you have on Instagram. Get a head start by using our ‘Top Follow 1000 coins code‘—just refer ‘B0Q8II4MQ4’ to your friends and make them use this on their apps and get a chance to skyrocket your total coins count. We explain the complete procedures to run this app not only on android but on ios, mac and windows also.

TopFollower App

If you want to give a real spike to your Instagram followers with extreme ease then the top follow download should be your first choice.

On our blog you’ll get Top Follow Instagram methodologies to skyrocket your IG followers with in no time.

Always opt our website because we offer up to date Top Follow app downloads so don’t forget to bookmark our site in your browser. Just to clarify that there is a great buzz about the term called Top Follow Vpn. Believe me there is no need for vpn as this app is freely available in all the countries of the world.

Download mod version

What is Top Follow Mod Apk?

This is the modified version of the original free app. The Top Follow unlimited coins mod APK provides users with limitless coins, which can be converted into followers, likes, and comments. There are no limits and your instagrams followers will increase rapidly. In the mod version you will also get unlimited likes and comments. Just download the modified version and see your instagram account grow exponentially with a single click.

How to download and install Top Follow Apk?

  • Downloading and installing this app is easy and just click the download link to download this app.
  • Once downloaded click to open and install it on your mobile.
  • Androids gives your a great provision to install third party apps and has a dedicated setting to address this.
  • For that go to settings->Security / Privacy and then look for a setting called “Unknown sources”. Just toggle it on.
  • Again click on the downloaded file and this time it should install successfully and also create a shortcode on the homepage of your android phone.
  • After installation is complete just click on the app icon on android dashboard and enjoy the app.
Download latest version

How to use this app and how does it work?

  • Create a dummy instagram account along with your primary account.
  • Login app with dummy insta account and click on start button. See the initial top follow free coins popping into your account straight away.
  • You are required to enable installation of 3rd party apps.
  • Use This Top follow coupon code B0Q8II4MQ4 to get a further boost of 500 plus coins.
  • Complete small daily tasks, stay active and earn more coins.
  • Convert your coins from your dummy account to genuine followers and likes on your primary profile of instagram. 

How to use Top Follower promocode to win 500 plus coins?

Using coupon code B0Q8II4MQ4 will unlock 500 plus free coins for you. If you need more just use this promo code ZF7BNK1YUN to get 1000 plus coins.This is how to add promo code in the app. These free coins code in this app are a blessing for you and they can really give a big spike to your total coins count. By using the Top Follow mod APK unlimited coins 2024, you can stay ahead in the Instagram game.

  • Once you have logged into your app with a dummy account click on the start button in the bottom center of the welcome screen. Then click the setting icon from the top right corner of the app.
  • Select the third option of free coins.
  • Select the third option which says “Codes”.
  • Enter your promo code and hit the send button.
  • You will get 500 plus or even less coins but do not rush or feel disappointed it is all based on your luck. Kindly note these coins are in addition to the free coins that this app offers.

How to convert coins to real Instagram Followers?

Unlimited Coins to Unlimited Instagram Followers
  • Go to the followers option and add the profile name of your primary profile where you want to convert your coins to followers.
  • Select the number of followers based on total coins available in your wallet. Enjoy !

 Note: This promo code based coins in this app are in addition to the free coins that this app offers on first login. We have also shared this new bonus promocode ZF7BNK1YUN to win 1000 plus coins for free. So use it to further increase your total coins count.


Let us have a crack on some of the best features of this app.

Limitless Coins

There is no limit to how many coins you can win in the modified version of this app. But the unlimited coins option is only available in the top follow mod apk. In the standard app you can stay active and complete daily tasks and you will win a large number of coins. Also do not forget to use promo codes to make coin count increase rapidly.

Boundless Followers

With this app you can easily get a large number of followers within a short span of time. Just try collecting a large number of coins and then you can easily convert that to followers and win a bulk number of followers and grow your instagram profile exponentially with extreme ease.

Exponential Instagram Account Growth

Basically how it works is that in this app you win coins and with coins you are able to increase your followers and likes. The followers you get are legitimate. This helps you increase your Instagram account within a very short span of time.

Multiple Accounts Management

Handling multiple Instagram profiles could be done with extreme ease using this app. The interface is user friendly and the user experience is awesome. It gives you a chance to use a dummy profile of Instagram which you can use just to win coins which could be later be transferred to your primary Instagram account in the shape of real followers.

Unlock the Premium Settings with Top Follow Mod Apk

Using top follow mod apk you can unlock all the premium settings and remove the limit to how many followers, likes and comments you can get on your instagram account.

Multi-Language Support

No matter where you belong to, this app is the perfect match for you because this app is multilingual. All you have to do is to select the language of your choice and you are ready to operate the entire application in that particular language. So language is no longer a barrier to use this great app.

Tasks Coins Convert to Followers and Likes

Accomplish daily targets by completing small tasks and earn coins. Convert the coins to followers and likes and see your instagram account expand with in days.

Ads Free and Glitch Free

Working on this app will be a flawless experience as there are no glitches or errors in the application. The application is bug free and also it is ads free. The user interface is simple and user friendly and it is easy to use even for the beginners.

Flawless Usage with a Bug Free App

Top follow apk is a bug free app and you will not encounter any error whatsoever using this app. All these things add a pleasant feeling to the app users.

Lightweight and user friendly

This app is very lightweight and fast. The user interface is so simple that even a newbie can understand and use it independently. All these things ensure a great user journey and user experience.

Cross platform support

You can use a free third party software called blue stacks on your windows machine to use this app and if you are an ios user you can visit this url to download the ios and mac supported version of this app.

Enhanced User Engagement

You can use a free third party software called blue stacks on your windows machine to use this app and if you are an ios user you can visit this url to download the ios and mac supported version of this app.

Safety and Security Rating

This app even though a third party is based on extremely strong algorithms which keep your personal data secure and confidential. Safety and security is a core feature embedded into the app.


  • Top follow apk app will boost your instagram followers.
  • You get real and legitimate followers.
  • Even though the Topfollow app is a third party app it is safe to download and install.
  • It is an ad free application so there are no distractions at all while using the app.
  • Above all, the Top Follow app has a simple user interface which even a newbie can understand.
  • It is a coin based application and all you need to do is to click on the start button and you will start getting free coins and coins could be used to gain followers and likes.
  • By completing certain trivial tasks you win coins on a daily basis which could later be converted to likes. With boosted followers and likes you’ll start getting natural organic traffic on your posts with real users.
  • With this great app increasing the instagram followers has become super easy.
  • It is a lightweight application with a few mbs of space, so no extra burden on your device.
  • Another key benefit is the short span of time in which you increase your instagram followers. That is really amazing.
  • Above all the topfollow app is lightning fast.
  • With this app as your account grows you get more revenue generating opportunities.
  • Topfollow app saves your time and effort and gives an amazing outcome.


Instagram followers with top follow
top follow logo

Different Platforms & Versions Downloads

 Below are android, mod apk, ios and windows versions of this app for download. Just click any button and follow the instructions to download. For previous version of this app just browse to Top Follow APK Old Versions page or use the last button from the pack of buttons given below.



We have compiled a good archive of older versions of Top Follow App so if current version does not work you can try downloading previous versions of this app.

You will get unlimited followers and likes in Top Follow Mod apk. Getting boundless coins, followers and likes is one of the key specialities of Top Follow Mod apk.

Instagram is considered one of the most important social media platforms today. Normally growing followers, likes and comments is a daunting and time consuming task. Top Follow apk was developed to meet this challenge.. Since its advent, growing your followership on instagram has become super easy. It needs an effort of merely a click to gain followers and grow your instagram profile.

To collect coins using this app you need two accounts, one your primary account and another dummy account. What you do is you login with your dummy account in this app and earn coins on a regular basis. Once you have gained enough coins you can use those coins to gain equivalent followers on your primary account.

 Yes, this app is absolutely free and safe to use.

 This happens usually while collecting coins so the easiest fix is to restart the application and 99%   this should solve the problem but if the problem persists kindly clear the application data and boom it should fix the error.

 Yes this is real and gives birth to the concept of top follow apk unlimited followers. you can get unlimited coins if you download the top follow mod apk version of the app. And you know what the advantages are that you can exchange those coins to get unlimited Instagram Followers like a flash.

Use promocode b0q8ii4mq4 to win 400+ coins and convert them to get a bulk of real Instagram Followers.

Just reboot the app to fix the problem and if the problem persists just stop using the app for a while and start using it after a time span of a few hours and it should start working.

This normally happens if wrong login credentials are used and normally this problem could be resolved by just clearing the cache of the application followed by rebooting.

Yes, the Top Follow app followers are real and with this great app you can quickly become popular on instagram. This app could be really beneficial for content creators.

There are many apps available today which can increase your followers on instagram but the best of them all is Top Follow apk which needs the least amount of effort and time to grow your instagram account exponentially.

Yes, definitely if you collect coins, apply promo codes and complete daily tasks you will get enough coins which you can exchange for actual and real followers and as a result your instagram followers will increase rapidly.

Yes, top follow like apps include free followers apk, Instagram pro 2, Instander apk, Insta pro 2 app, FiraFollower, InstaUp apk, gb Instagram, Aero Instagram, Machine Liker, Niva Followers, Insta Follow app, Insta Followers pro apk, Followers mod apk, Instagram followers king and IgTools apk. These are all third party apps which could be used to Boost Your social media circles specially on Instagram but topfollow is the most reliable, recommended and safest option available today in 2024 .

Do signup up to google alerts and our website to staty updated about Top followers app. Just a tip that try searching in google with social media platform names like ‘Top follow tiktok’ and ‘Top Follow youtube’ etc to find and explore some new stuff related to this app.


In the end we may conclude that even though today there are tons of free and paid tools to increase your instagram followers, likes and comments, the most trustworthy and result oriented app to get real instagram followers is the Top Follow Apk latest version app. It is bug free, ads free and lightning fast. And it is assured to give a bulk of real instagram followers with least effort and Time. It also gives you a bug free and ads free interface.
While using this app if you face relogin problem then you check our top follow login problem page. We have a blogs section where we post regularly don’t forget to check our latest article about football club Liverpool’s manager Klopp gaining massive number of Instagram followers within just a time span of few hours.


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